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Stirling and District Women's Aid provides support to women and their children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. On average, we provide support to more than 900 women a year and around 100 children. We are open to all women irrespective of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, political beliefs, social background or disability.

Stirling and District Women's Aid has been in existence since 1976, initially as part of Central Region Women's Aid and then becoming an Independent Scottish Charity with our own constitution in 1977. Our first refuge accommodation was opened in April 1977 and in the following year the organisation provided temporary accommodation for 25 women and 50 children. We now provide services to many more women and children with a custom-built refuge, outreach and drop-in services, independent domestic abuse advocacy and a children and young persons' service.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is an attempt to gain power and control over someone you are in a relationship with, and can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial. 1 in 5 women in Scotland will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives. Most domestic abuse is perpetrated by men against women and children, but this is not always the case. Our service is open to all women, including those who have experienced domestic abuse in same sex relationships and women who are transgender.

The Scottish Government describes domestic abuse as:

"Domestic abuse (as gender-based abuse), can be perpetrated by partners or ex partners and can include physical abuse (assault and physical attack involving a range of behaviour), sexual abuse (acts which degrade and humiliate women and are perpetrated against their will, including rape) and mental and emotional abuse (such as threats, verbal abuse, racial abuse, withholding money and other types of controlling behaviour such as isolation from family or friends)"

If you are experiencing domestic abuse it is not your fault, and you have the right to access services that will help you get to a safe place and begin to talk about and process what has happened. We will believe you, not judge you and allow you to take things at your own pace. We can support you in a variety of different ways including:
Stirling and District Women's Aid Registered Charity Number SC010937
Stirling & District Women's Aid Registered Charity Number SC010937
Registered Charity Number SC010937
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